Toyota Safety Technology


Toyota safety technology ranks as some of the most advanced in the market. Here are a few of the latest innovations from the brand.

Pre-Collision Technology

This system uses forward-facing radar technology that constantly scans to detect objects with which the vehicle may collide. If such an object is detected, the system can issue an alert. If the collision appears imminent, the technology can retract your seatbelt and apply the brakes. If you are quickly approaching a car, the vehicle will emit a danger warning with alarm and visual display. If the alarm prompts the driver to push the brakes, the car will engage brake assist. If the system senses that the collision is unavoidable, the car will employ automatic braking. This will help the car avoid the collision or help make the accident less severe. This technology is also available with pedestrian detection.

Lane Departure Alert

Toyota vehicles equipped with this technology come equipped with special cameras that can recognize lane markings. When the system senses that you are drifting out of your lane, an alert is issued and a warning light illuminated. The alert will sound if a lane change is made without the use of a turn signal. Please note that if the system cannot detect lane markings, the system will not engage.

Blind Spot Monitor

No matter how hard you try, it can be difficult to expose your blind spots in your mirror. Blind Spot Monitor uses cameras to determine if a vehicle has entered your blind spot. When one does, an indicator will appear in the side-view mirror. If the turn signal is used when another vehicle is next to your car, the indicator will signal that it is unsafe to make a lane change.

Backup Camera

Toyota vehicles equipped with a backup camera will show you a live feed of the rear of your vehicle whenever you shift into reverse. It’s better than having eyes on the back of your head. You can feel safe about pulling out of the parking spot at the grocery store or pulling out of your garage. The camera will show you everything that’s behind you. If you see an object or person, you can stop or proceed with caution.

As you can see, Toyota is an industry leader when it comes to safety technology. Check out the latest and greatest on a new Camry or Highlander! Visit Ferris Toyota at 634 Wabash Avenue, New Philadelphia, OH 44663 to learn more about Toyota’s current safety technology and to see it in action!