Toyota Camry - Through the Years


The Toyota Camry has been called America’s best-selling sedan for many years, thanks to its rich history of reliability, safety, modern technology, and appealing design. Always one step ahead of the competition, the Toyota Camry continues to deliver what American families want.

The Toyota Camry first appeared in Japan in 1979 and was called the Celica Camry. It wasn’t long until the Camry has its sights set on the US market; and, in 1983, Toyota replaced the old rear-wheel-drive Toyota Corona with the new front-wheel-drive Camry. The Camry faced stiff competition in the Honda Accord, which was already a household name in the US.

The second-generation Camry was unveiled in 1987, and thanks to a long list of improvements, was capable of facing off with the Honda Accord. A new, more powerful engine, improvements in ride quality, and a new, sleek body made the Camry an appealing choice. In 1988, the Camry introduced an available V6 engine option and available AWD, making an already likeable sedan even more capable.

In 1992, the Camry was overhauled once again. At the time, bigger was better, leading Toyota to increase the Camry’s dimensions in nearly every way. Overall length increased by six inches, width increased by two inches, and both the height and wheelbase were two inches higher than before.

Revamped again in 1997, the design ditched the curvy lines of the past generation in favor of more harsh, edgy lines. More powerful engines were added, and safety was improved with increased availability of antilock brakes and airbags.

In 2002, the Camry was once again redesigned, offering a more aerodynamic and fluid design.

Again, the Camry was overhauled for the 2007 model year, radically changing the styling to offer a more modern, high-end design. Additional passenger space and luxury-oriented features made the Camry a stand-out in the crowded mid-size sedan segment.

Today, the Toyota Camry remains a top-choice among car shoppers who prioritize consistency, practicality, safety, reliability, and style. Meet the newest Camry at Ferris Toyota!