New Toyota 4Runner is All About Providing Comfort

One of the most popular mid-size SUVs out there, the Toyota 4Runner is not only known for excelling during off-road adventures and featuring a sporty exterior and capacious interior, but it is also known for its multipurpose abilities. It comes with some features that could determine whether or not this vehicle is the right choice for you.

The front seats can both come with heated and ventilated options that can provide you the comfort you need during specific weather conditions while also giving you the ultimate lumbar support. 

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The Distinctive Look of the Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry has long been one of the best-selling cars in the world. With the hybrid model, you get the reliability of the Camry in a version that saves fuel while still delivering an excellent ride and performance.

The Camry Hybrid has a sleek exterior design that is quite eye-catching. The Camry Hybrid is equipped with LED headlights and LED daytime running lamps. The LED headlights allow for even better illumination when driving in inclement conditions. The Camry Hybrid's wheels are striking. 

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Explore the Benefits of the Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid Plug-In

Ferris Toyota understands the value of driving a vehicle that can get up to 133 MPGe. Whether you take short trips across town or need to drive long stretches, the estimated 640-mile range of the Toyota Prius Prime will ensure you never have to worry. This popular plug-in hybrid is packed with features to make it easy to use and drive.

When you need to charge your car in public, you'll be able to lock your charging cable that won't release until your Smart Key is there. At home, you'll be able to use a standard outlet…

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Feel Safe and Secure in the New Toyota C-HR

For consumers in the market for a subcompact SUV, the 2018 Toyota C-HR is an excellent option. Not only is the C-HR as stylish and well built as we have come to expect from Toyota, it is also packed full of safety features that will keep your precious cargo secure. 

The Toyota C-HR comes equipped with a Standard Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection that will help to protect the driver and any passengers from other vehicles or pedestrians that may be in the road ahead. 

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Toyota Corolla Features You Can Depend On

There are a lot of things to love about the new Toyota Corolla. For one, it's got one of the better engines and technology packages in the lineup of compact cars. Ranked in the top for its safety, there are a few driver assistance features that are built into the Toyota Corolla, including blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, parking assist, lane departure warnings, and pre-collision alerts. 

Toyota also has created a greater driving experience that syncs up with your devices. You can use the Entune infotainment system to connect to your phone through Bluetooth, USB ports, or Siri…

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New Toyota Highlander: Driven to Explore

The Toyota Highlander is an SUV that's available in eight models. This premium family car comes in attractive exterior finishes, such as Shoreline Blue and Salsa Red, to liven up your New Philadelphia, OH excursions.

A 2.7 L engine block is installed in the Highlander base edition. This four-cylinder engine produces slightly more than 180 horsepower. All other trims run on a 3.5 L V6 engine that's capable of dishing out just less than 300 hp. 

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Toyota 86 Performance Features: Here's What You Need to Know

Shopping for a car? It's time to consider the Toyota 86 for your next vehicle. This car is fast, sleek, and comfortable. It's got a fantastic, luxurious interior designed to keep you comfortable while you drive.

This vehicle comes with rear-wheel drive and sport-tuned suspension to give you full handling control of the car. You'll also enjoy 2+2 seating so you and your passengers can feel as comfortable as possible. The rear seats fold down to give you even more space inside the car. 

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Check Out These Toyota Camry Safety Features

The new Toyota Camry is proving again why it is considered to be one of the top midsize sedans on the market. Impressive safety features designed to protect drivers make driving easier in various conditions.

One feature that is making it easier to drive on the highway is the Blind Spot Monitor in the new Toyota Camry. Regardless what side of the car another driver is when they creep into your blind spot, the mirrors will flash and sound an alarm so you can take corrective action. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert is triggered when the car is in reverse…

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ToyotaCare Offers Free Maintenance for Your Vehicle

ToyotaCare provides routine maintenance on new Toyota models for free, and the service is good for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Having your vehicle serviced will ensure good gas mileage, safe tires, and help keep your engine at peak performance.

ToyotaCare will remind you when oil and filter changes are due, and perform the service for free. Keeping up with oil changes is one way to keep the motor running smoothly. The program covers fluid level checks too. Any sudden changes in fluid levels mean something might be wrong with your car. 

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Your Car's Gaskets Protect Valuable Hardware

Many car component companies provide a variety of gasket options with different design specs, and each gasket provides benefits during car maintenance and repair situations that involve an engine. Without a gasket, gasoline or oil can spill on a key component, and an operational problem could develop if intense air circulates around a spilled substance under a hood.

By visiting a reputable automotive supplier, you can obtain proper gaskets that are designed to enhance your vehicle. If you want to protect the area near the cylinder and engine, a head gasket is worth considering.

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