A mysterious light turns up on your car's dashboard. It turns out that the light indicates a "low tire pressure" warning. Knowing the pressure is now low is helpful. Why, however, would the indicator go off? A few causes may drive down tire pressure.

A leak, of course, would cause air to escape from a tire. If something punctured the tire, the resultant hole would allow air to escape. Be aware that air does normally leave the tires, even ones in perfect condition. For this reason and more, checking air tire pressure regularly becomes advisable.

A change in the weather could also lead to decreased tire pressure. Putting air in the tire afterward could solve things. Still, it is worth getting the tire checked. If the tire is damaged, however, then replacing it becomes advisable. Driving on tires with low pressure presents risks.

Check your tires checked, serviced, or replaced at Ferris Toyota. Our team wants you to drive safely.


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