Choosing a Car Battery

The climate you live in can be extremely hard on your battery. Very hot temperatures sap the battery of its life at a faster rate than normal. If you live somewhere with temperatures consistently in the 90s or above during the summer months, you'll want to choose a quality battery that can stand up well to the rigors of heat.

It really depends on your budget. If your car is older, finding a quick and cheap solution may be in your best interest. As the price increases, you'll get a more dependable battery that includes a longer warranty. Top of the line batteries are lithium powered but will cost more than 100 dollars and are really best for newer cars where an investment in the future makes sense.

If it's time for a new battery, don't hesitate to visit us at Ferris Toyota in Philadelphia, OH. We have a selection of quality batteries to choose from and our capable mechanics can install it quickly for you.

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