One of the many things to consider when buying a car is the wheel drive. Will you choose front-wheel or rear-wheel, and do you know the difference?

Rear-wheel drive, or RWD, has a design that allows a car to take some abuse without falling apart. RWD has better balance, which means you get better handling. On the other hand, RWD is not that great in bad weather and prone to lose traction on slick roads. Front-wheel drive vehicles, or FWD, are less expensive to design and build, and they eliminate separate transmission and axle assemblies, which makes the car weigh less. FDW gives better traction in bad weather, but they don't handle as well as RWD at higher speeds.

Ferris Toyota has both RWD and FWD vehicles at our Philadelphia, OH location. Stop by and learn more about which type is better suited to your driving needs.

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