Having tremendous off-road capabilities, the new Toyota Land Cruiser is a robust sport utility vehicle with premium amenities. Ferris Toyota offers information on the car's Toyota Safety Sense P technology and other safety features.

The TSS-P package prepares the Land Cruiser for dangerous situations involving traffic flow in urban areas. If you don't apply enough braking force during a critical situation, the Pre-Collision System will generate emergency braking. The TSS-P technology also includes a radar-based cruise control system that decreases the vehicle's speed in sync with a sudden drop in speed of traffic ahead.

This Toyota SUV is equipped with 10 standard air bags and a handful of other passive safety amenities. Linked to rollover sensors, the side air bags provide extra protection if the vehicle flips over. Active headrests cushion the necks of the driver and front passenger. Additionally, this robust model has an energy-absorbing cabin that reduces harsh shocks during a collision.



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