Signature Safety Technology in the Toyota Camry

Having a mid-size design, the Toyota Camry comes in several editions at Ferris Toyota. Most of the vehicle's accident-avoidance features are controlled by the signature Toyota Safety Sense P technology.

Depending on the likelihood of a crash with another vehicle, the Pre-Collision System attempts to bring the new Camry to a full stop. If it's too late for a complete stop, this automatic braking technology will simply reduce the speed and mitigate the severity of the damage to the front bumper. Optical sensors also scan your forward path for any pedestrians who might get hit.

This Toyota sedan is unlikely to cross into another lane on the highway thanks to several innovative features. The Lane Departure Alert determines if the car's wheels are moving between the markings of a single lane. You'll get some leverage from the Steering Assist when the wheels roll within the boundaries of multiple lanes.



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