Basic Tips for Jump Starting a Battery

If you encounter a dead battery when trying to start your car, it's easy to learn how to jump start the battery using another car. Because all of us at Ferris Toyota in New Philadelphia, OH want you to be able to do this procedure safely, we're offering the following tips on using another car battery to achieve a jump start.

Park both cars front end to front end, making certain the ignition is off and the parking brake is set. Attach the jumper cable that is red or positive to the positive terminal of your dead battery and the negative cable marked black to the negative terminal. Attach the other ends of these cables to their corresponding working battery terminals.

Start the engine of the working car, revving it for a minute or two. When you start the engine of the dead battery car, it should start. Keep running it for several minutes, building charging power.

If it's time for a replacement car battery, come to our dealership to explore the parts that we carry.

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