The Unique Exterior Design of the Toyota C-HR

If you want a vehicle that will attract attention wherever you go, take a look at the new Toyota C-HR. This popular subcompact SUV has a distinct look that stands out. We here at Ferris Toyota are excited for you to see what this SUV looks like in person.

What stands out most in the new C-HR is the body shape. Toyota has created a diamond-like design that's abstract and modern. Dramatic lines can be found throughout the body. They produce unique shadows and highlights. The final look is very similar to that of the facets on a precious stone.

The lines aren't just for good looks. They also help to improve aerodynamics on the road. As you're driving around town, wind resistance will hit the front end and move around the C-HR in a guided fashion. A large grille and air intakes on the front take advantage of the wind resistance while also redirecting it around the wheels for better performance.



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