ToyotaCare Offers Free Maintenance for Your Vehicle

ToyotaCare provides routine maintenance on new Toyota models for free, and the service is good for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Having your vehicle serviced will ensure good gas mileage, safe tires, and help keep your engine at peak performance.

ToyotaCare will remind you when oil and filter changes are due, and perform the service for free. Keeping up with oil changes is one way to keep the motor running smoothly. The program covers fluid level checks too. Any sudden changes in fluid levels mean something might be wrong with your car. You will also get a car inspection that includes multiple systems.

ToyotaCare is a complete system of maintenance and emergency roadside services, such as tire changes and lockout. The program covers all aspects of car care and assistance for free. If you notice any changes in your car's handling or performance, call our service center here at Ferris Toyota, conveniently located in New Philadelphia, OH, for a maintenance checkup today.

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